Domino Effect


Publicly share what moment, person or event has been a life changing moment in your life.

Say it forward.

Share your thoughts with that person or group on your own. Let them know how it has affected your life.

Have them come to the Say It Forward Site, and share their response, and the moment, person or event that has changed their life…

From This

To This

Each moment shared, or Registered Domino will reveal a section of the Sistine Chapel’s well known frames.

One such frame is “The Birth of Adam”, a moment where a space is left in-between the two fingers. A space we feel if they were to connect would let all mankind reach their creative dreams!

Our goal is to make them touch by the sharing and registering our dominoes. Watch how each one of us has effected another’s life.

Watch where this all goes.

See where this takes your actions and moments. Say it Forward…Changing lives… One Domino at a time.

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